DS lite screen messed up - can it be fixed?

    My sons ds lite top screen is no longer working, it comes on but you can only see a cm strip down the left side. There is a big black circle in the middle and a line (presumably my 2 yr old daughter got her hands on it and tried to write on it). When I press the screen some of the pic comes back but it is no where near back to normal and when I relieve pressure it goes back to no picture. There are lines going down of colour and this black blotch.

    Can anyone advise whether this can be fixed and if so where I send it? It is out of warranty and I don't have insurance unfortunately.

    Help will be repped and much appreciated :-)


    Probably repairable, companies like these;…tml will give you a free quote if you pay postage costs £4.99 (if you don't have a similar shop locally).

    This explains how to do it…ted
    If you are competent or know somebody who is I would suggest buying a screen yourself and fitting (just go really slow and don't force anything, particularly the ribbon wiring. Also have a good look at a lot of you-tube vids and also pop on some dedicated forums. They will have lots of advice and pictures. I would be very careful getting it repaired and get as much info on the company as poss. I expect the scamming in this area is blossoming with all those aged ds lites out there and it being a fiddly job. If I was thinking about getting somebody to do it I would investigate computer fares or market stalls and see if you can find somebody to do it while you wait.

    Good luck

    You can pick up a screen from third party via amazon for around a tenner.
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