DS Lite. What do I need??

    I understand I can get something,so that I can browse the internet on my ds lite. Have looked on dealextreme and am now just confused... What is the best thing/ simplist thing to buy?

    Secondly... whilst I have your attention... I have been sent a link to download free games (from utube). Can I use the same piece of kit plus an SD card?

    I have only just mastered my sat nav, so only simple answers please! (yet another daft question I know in my oh, so blonde life) Any help here would be great as I am about to buy 2 for my sons and saving money on the games would be a real bonus)


    Forget browsing the internet on your DS, it's not worth the time, money or hassle.

    You want a ROM card for your DS, but downloading games is illegal. My son is currently doing 3 years in Wormwood Scubs after I grassed him up. He's only 10, but he has to learn.…676

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    blimey. What an authority you seem to be. I am truely grateful. This advice linked with a tutorial from youtube (pedrosdub) seem to make it look so easy. Am beginning to feel quite brave and thinking of having a go! Thanks for your help and rep added. :-D
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