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Found 27th May 2007
Looking for one of these and some advice regarding them. My daughter owns 20 odd DS games can she/I legally have them on one of these devices (via micro sd) or is this a grey area of the law? She's forever losing them only to find them again. Would much rather carry 3 or 4 games round on 1 cartridge and lose that than 4 original DS games.

Is it as easy as it sounds, aquire the backups, drag and drop??

Thanks in advance for the help.


Yes its It's a gray area, most police wont be bothered but you might get one or two, legally the law says you can make 1 backup of a CD or a DVD as long as you own the original and dont sell it or something.

Yeah just to confirm you are allowed 1 backup of software, games etc as long as you don't sell it.

According to Section 50(A) of the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, legal purchasers of computer games are explicitly permitted to make a backup copy of their purchase. (Interestingly, the rule specifically applies to computer games. For no adequately-explained reason, purchasers of music CDs or DVD movies are not granted the same rights to protect their investment. The only rational explanation your reporter can come up with for this odd anomaly is that the law
Where things start to get interesting, though, is in Section 296Z of the new law. Section 296 makes it an offence to do anything at all which is designed to circumvent any piece of copyright protection technology put in place by the manufacturers or distributors of any copyrighted work.

but not like anyone cares your not alowed by uk copyright laws to backup a cd to a mp3 player or tape off the radio but it has been done and overlooked for years

Your also better off getting a R4 as its the same cart but cheaper and more avalible (r4 make m3 )

]cheapmod.com R4 £29.95 inc p&p mine was here in less than 24 hours

or ]http//ww…om/ that comes from china is cheaper and comes with a 2gig card

Not sure if any of the Slot 1 devices have a backup program, I know some of the Slot 2 devices do though

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I can get the backup's from elsewhere, I just don't know alot about these thats all. will order the one recommended by djnaff tomorrow.

Just looking round tin'ternet and foudn this for 19.95 this any good?[COLOR=#94954f] ]clicky[/COLOR]
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