DS or 3DS?

    Just wondering what everybody's thoughts and opinions are on the new 3DS launching in a month. I have one on preorder but not really sure if I want it. Might just pick up a DS instead, preferably a DS Lite.

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    To be honest mate I bought the DS original on launch day way back in 2005 bought project rub and nintendo were promising all these AAA titles son to be out - 6 months past and the games were limited - i think i'd had it a year before mario kart came out and mario 64 which are just ports - nothing was actually released as an original title.

    My thoughts are don't buy the 3ds on launch give it till christmas that way the games are out and the bundles/deals are there for you

    Everyone is raving about ocarina of time being released

    errrrr hello

    N64 released
    Gamecube released
    Wii released as virtual console

    It's a bloody old game that If you are a true gamer completed a few times years ago in your youth and not fussed about it.

    There is not one single game announced that makes me go hmmmm sounds interesting they are just gamecube ports.

    Plus DS is a kids console now with that stupid stylus- same with the wii - nintendo used to be a gaming console and now its a family console for children

    Save your money and get an xbox or an old gba sp or micro and play some classic games for cheap

    Btw i wouldnt bother getting a ds lite for the sole reason is all the good games are still £20 plus and you will probably spend £100 on 3 or 4 games that are good.
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