Found 5th Oct 2007
I know nothing really about these little gadgets...except that my 9 year old son wants one! What is the difference between the two:thinking:?


The LITE is lighter, smaller & has a better battery life.

The Lite has vastly superior screens.

The DS is the old model. The DS Lite is more compact, has a brighter screen and looks better. Go for the DS Lite.

If you buy a DS, I recommend you also get a Slot 1 "solution" which allows you to play game backups. The most popular slot 1 solution is the R4DS but I would recommend a CycloDS Evolution. The reason is that the R4DS will take a 2Gb MicroSD card whilst the CycloDS will allow you to get a 6Gb or bigger MicrSDHC card which will hold more. The CycloDS also supports all game backups for download play.

Dont even consider the DS fatty as a purchase.


dude, you kid will hate you for eternity if you get him a DS. All his friends will have DS Lites, and will taunt him as a cheapskate if he has a DS

i got a ds when it first came out and i've got to say, it's easier to hold.

Apart from that, it has nothing on the lite

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Thank you all!:thumbsup:

The buttons and D-pad are a lot better on the DS. The better screens on the Lite are a bigger consideration though.

The DS seems like it is a retro console....

Ds is good but too bulky whereas the ds lite is slimmer -- though i find ti harder to play mario kart on the ds lite than on my old ds fat
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