ds skins

    anybody got one of these on theirs, they look quite good, are they easy to apply and do they look good on


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    thinking of getting the little guy one for his, they look quite good when you see a piccie but wondered if they look that good when its not on a piccie

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    is that amazon or marketplace?

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    actually i think it might have been market place although Im sure amazon … actually i think it might have been market place although Im sure amazon sold them too at some point

    ok, off to have a nosey, do you know if once removed they leave a mark on the ds


    My youngest got one free with one of the nintendo magazines & they look really good. It fits on outer case & another one around buttons. They go on a bit like mobile phone screen protectors & can be removed / reapplied without leaving sticky glue behind.

    I've been looking for some football ones for my other two, but was wondering if they'll be the same quality as well - about £5 online when I looked,

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    yeah amazon have a fair few of them, thinking about going for the mario cart or animal crossing one, althought not sure they will look as good on a black one


    so its is worth spending a bit more then and not going for the cheap ones


    i guess its the old 'you get what you pay for' - thanks x

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    they are either £4-99 or £6-99 on amazon


    thats not too bad then

    I got one for my daughter's DS on ebay, and they were able to personalise it with her name. Great as it covers all the scratches !!
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