DSG warranty repair taking longer than 28 days - replacement or vouchers?

Found 18th Jul 2007
Hi everyone,
i'm having a similar state of affairs as in this thread:


but with my Panasonic plasma tv.

On Wednesday, next week, they will have had the tv for over 28 days and have said that if we've not had it back, then we can claim a write-off from them and receive a replacement tv or vouchers to get a new one.

Has anyone else had experience of this before? If so, and they send vouchers or a voucher, what is the value of the voucher(s)? Is it the price you paid, the RRP, or is it a request to whichever store you take it to, to provide a replacement to the same spec/value/model as the TV that was originally purchased?

I believe we'll probably get vouchers, because they don't do our model anymore as it's been replaced with a flashier one.

i'm just curious as to how this procedure works.

Thanks to anyone who can help!


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Usually the current selling price of the item or equivalent value as sold elsewhere if no longer stocked. I'd push for a refund onto your card under SOGA stating they have been failed to fulfill their obligations as regards to the refund, and thus you feel they are in breach of contract (implicit statutory term re quality) that is a major condition allowing you to repudiate the contract, and claim a full refund of the price paid. Then take the cash and buy a better model for less.

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Cheers Sean, anyone else had any experience?

It is vouchers for the original price of the TV IIRC.

Is it under 12 months warranty or do you have the Whatever happens cover plan on it?

If I was in work today I'd check for you.

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Spladam, it is within the 12 months guarantee period (only 6 months old).

What does IIRC mean?

And is it original price I paid or original price meaning RRP?

Again - many thanks for your help!

IIRC = If I Remember Correctly. :thumbsup:

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Cheers IOM ;-)


And is it original price I paid or original price meaning RRP?

It is the price you paid.

I am not sure IF they will just pay out GV's under the 12 months warranty if not repaired within 28 days, they most certainly do when you have the Whatever Happens cover plan, but the 12 months warranty is with the manufacturer.

I would check for you - it's not something I deal with much, but I am not in work till Saturday.

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2 different staff have stated that it's a like-for-like replacement or vouchers, one even said, IF we also had coverplan, then that too would be refunded as vouchers - TBH i'd rather it was repaired or replaced, because when we bought it, we got a really good deal and we will not be able to replace it (to the same spec) for the same price. Also, IF we get vouchers and have to go to a proper high street shop, the current model is even more expensive in store!

Spladam, if you have anyone you could call in work to confirm either way, i'd be very, very grateful!

BTW, TV has not come home today - the guys that picked it up, said they only 'do' our area on a friday, so, looks likely it WILL go over the 28 day mark.

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OH just called the tech guys again, who confirmed my tv will not be repaired within the 28 days. Advised that it is not under coverplan - just the standard 12 month guarantee. After checking with Supervisor, was told that after Wednesday, we will be able to take our original receipt into a store, explain the situation and after the store has checked with the tech guys, we'll be able to choose a replacement that is closest to the specs of the model that we had!

Which is really good news! - Roll on Wednesday!

Glad to hear you have got that sorted Jayhab.

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Update - well we went to the store and long story short - they wanted us to pay the difference to get this years model - no way - so wanted a refund, told to call the internet customer services the next day.

It works out that they ask you to pick something else - not necessarily another tv and if it costs more then they cut a deal!

So this week we upgraded to this year's 42 inch viera with cabinet stand (from last year's 37") for a grand total of £878 (including the price of our old set!) hehehe it's £1300 in store!!!

Big thank you to everyone for their help!!!
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