Dsi or Ds Lite for 6 year old?

    I just can't decide which to go for?!
    I know the DSi has the camera feature, which I'm sure he would think was fun, but just can't decide if this warrants the extra cash.
    Can anyone out there persuade me either way??


    Get whichever is cheapest

    DS - DSi is just a lite with a camera + the extra cash

    I had same problem for my girl for xmas but went with ds lite as she will probably break it anyway

    Battery last longer on DS lite too.

    i would get just a ds they will still love it and it's cheaper. My son left one on the plane (with his gran) broke one and now has another one all with in 3 years ! Till there a bit older an know how to look after things better i would stick with cheaper .

    I'd go for the ds lite, from my understanding the camera on the dsi is no greater than one on a cheap moby.

    They get dunted about that much aswell that paying that extra £50 or whatever it is just isnt worth it, use the extra money for some games for him.

    got 6 yr old Dsi....he loves taking fotos on it and recording sounds. havent connexted the net onto it.
    he has a DS as well which the 3 yr old messes around on now

    if i didnt have 1 id get the dsi all my neices and nephews love taking pictures and defacing them with big ears,beards etc a 6 year old would love it so its not just a camera

    From experience -

    Buy the DS lite and spend £20.00 on the 3 year insurance. (from Argos)

    I was glad i did when the 1st DS lite slipped from my son's hands and fell down the stairs. Replaced after 18 months for a new one without a problem.
    Had that one replaced a few months ago when it fell in a puddle on a day out!

    Well worth the extra £20 where kids are involved for 3 years peace of mind...

    For info the [SIZE="3"]New DSi LL [/SIZE]got released yesterday in Japan ......i expect we'll get it early next year ....maybe : :thumbsup:…21/
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