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    Daughter has asked for a dsi for her birthday in 3 weeks time, just had a quick look and Tesco have the dsi for £100 but with my discount and clubcard vouchers i can get it for £80 just wondering if anybody had seen then cheaper, or is it better to get her the dsi xl


    how old is she? my four year old has had a ds and has now got a dsi xl... he prefers the xl as easy to play the games as the screens bigger... however my 18 month who has the old ds, prefers the smaller one as its easier to hold!

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    she will be 9, she has a ds lite and has asked for a dsi but wasnt sure about the xl instead

    i would go with whatever all her friends have.... safest option at 9 lol! but personally i like the xl x

    my boys have the dsi they really like that, especially my 5 yr old, they have never tried the xl, not sure who much different it is,Looks a little bigger maybe.

    Not much difference size wise between a DS and DSi. But a big differecne when you hold a DSi and DSi XL next to each other.

    xl seems sturdier too

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    Thanx guys, where is the cheapest atm for an xl

    The 3DS is out in 2 weeks time, which could mean cheaper prices for the older models... You'll probably be cutting it a bit fine though...

    also 20% off all consoles at tesco is from tuesday

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    also 20% off all consoles at tesco is from tuesday

    thanx i spoke to work last night and it starts wednesday so will deffo get it from there
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