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    My eldest already has a DS lite, and now my youngest (6) wants a DS. The DSi seems to be more kit for around the same price as a DSlite (about £100 each). I'll not be spending more than that. Can you link games with the different consoles, and should I get a DSi? Any advice please.


    I had the same problem at christmas I went with the dsi because it has a camera on it as well, and like you said they are around the same price as well. not sure about linking the games though

    Yes you can link games, I've done it with an original DS and a DSi

    I would go for the DSi.…htm

    Can you link games. If you mean the games for two players - Yes

    The New Nintendo 3DS is out on the 25th March I believe. If you can hold off buying one, you may see a reduction in price over the next month.

    There are a few changes, for example the DSi has a camera, good for some games and general messing about, however it doesn't have the Gameboy Advance slot, meaning games like Guitar Hero will not work on the DSi and only the DS Lite. The DSi does have bigger screens and an SD card slot. I guess in a way it's a pros and cons of each one will depend on what will be used on it.

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    Thanks everyone for your help. I'll be looking for a good price for a DSi in the next couple of weeks.
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