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Found 1st Feb 2010
Hi there, I am wondering about the dsi wireless - do you need to have home broadband in order to pick the wireless up or does it work like the mobile broadband? and are you limited to what websites you can go on or can you just use it like you would a laptop?
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Hi, I don't have one but if it's wi-fi access it means you need a wireless network to connect on it. I suppose you can go on many websites, but I don't think you would be able to see all the things you can on a pc (such as some of the movies according to what technology they use). But it should be ok for just browsing, someone that owns one can probably clarify that for you.
i have one and you need wireless, its not very good for browsing, i go on facebook on it sometimes and it takes ages to load then it comes up with some message and you never end up seeing the whole page. not sure what its like with other sites but i wouldnt say its as good as a laptop.
At home you will need wireless broadband but you can use them in wireless hotspots too such as at airports cafes etc
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