DSI XL

    hi there was wondering what the cheapest DSI XL is out there



    john lewis £137.85:)
    the 2 games are already loaded on the dsi xl, they are cut down versions

    TOYSRUS had them for about £137 with 2 games I think

    Got mine from ASDA, it was about £135...... The free 2 games brain training & dictionary are standard on all dsi xl.

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    ta i,ll try asda,s tomor, any idea what r4 u get for it?got 1 for my orig DS but i assume that one wont work and will need an updated one?

    asda are now £139.71 and the r4 you need is a r4i but the one for 1.4 firmware, i got mine for £135 from asda when they were released:thumbsup:
    the cheapest place for the r4i is 7 day shop, i think they are £8.99 inc delivery

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    Oh thanx, got it all ordered, so the r4i where do i find the software to dwnload the files?

    go on the website and there is a link to download the latest software, all you do is unzip the files then put the files one by one on your memory card andaway you go:thumbsup:

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    thanx i,,ll let u knw when my card comes and finers crossed,quite impressed with the dsi xl tho
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