hi, my son got a dsi xl for chrismas and one of his mario games wont work on it, but does work on his ds lite, any ideas how to make it work? i thought they were all compatable, thanks jo



is it an r4 version of the game?


is it a ds game? or gb?

if ds try lightly cleaning it or blow in the console lightly, ds`s are region free so wouldnt matter if its ntsc or anything.

what mario game is it?

it might be an unofficial game, there's loads of these on fleabay, they work on the phat ds & ds lite but not on dsi or dsi xl

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it was a ds game in a box ? looks real? maybe not then ? i bought it from a playtrader, itsthe new mario brothers, thanks

Theres plenty of DS games that work on the original DS and DS Lite but not on the DSi series. Theses are essentially counterfeit games. You may have to look closely but have a look at the following:

The Nintendo Logo on the cartridge - does it look photocopied and not shiny?
The weight of the cartridge may be lighter than a legitimate cartridge.
The serial number on the bar code may be different.

Links from official nintendo website:


Hope it helped (I have been in similar situation before).

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ty will have a good look now x

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well it looks genuine, but looked on his listing on playtrade and it says us version, do they not work on uk dsi xls?
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