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Found 21st Nov 2010
im confusing myself... im going round and round in circles looking at purchasing my first DSLR and i want the best i can get for my money really... i want to stick with either canon or nikon and generally prefer the latter in hand,

i have about £300 to spend and would consider ebay or second hand so what would you reccomend i try and buy, i would also like a lens with a greater focal range then the standard 55mm max you get on kit lenses

should id be trying to snaffle a bundle on ebay with 18-55 and 55-200 lenses?

i was originally looking at trying to get a nikon d40 for around £200 with kit lens but am now a little put off by the age of the thing...
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Get a Nikon D80 with the 18-70mm lens (or maybe 18-135, but the former is better). You won't go wrong.

If you want a telephoto, save up and get the Nikon 55-200mm with VR. If you want a wide angle later, get the Sigma 10-20mm.

Don't get into the Nikon/Canon argument. You have already said the Nikon feels right for you. If you cannot afford a D80, either save up or buy the D70S. Good equipemnt comes up on the photo forums like Talk Photography or secondhand dealers like mpb photographic, mifsuds or ffordes.

Hope that helps.
very helpful thankyou i will get reading up and comparing those, just worth noting i prefer the bigger cameras overall really, as with the d40 however i am getting put off a little by the age of those particular units.. i need to understand the difference between VR VR-s and standard lenses for a start though i think.. IS is image stabilisation, ive got that but is it only the VR-s lenses that have the motor built in? thus are needed on the bodys that dont have auto focus? or do all VR lenses have a motor and the S is just for stabilisation yet again...

im confusing myself
Read up joe. You are mixing up Nikon and Canon with IS and VR. The D80 does everything you will want, and works with all Nikon autofocus lenses. The D40 does not and requires lenses with inbuilt motors.

I agree the D40 is getting a little old and is only 6MP which doesn't really cut the mustard once you start cropping images. Another slightly cheaper alternative to the D80 is a D60.
aye id rather go for a d60 than a d80 cause the d80 is relatively old to me, aye im gna have to read up on lenses, really just need a thing to play around with and learn but havnt been arsed to sit down and go through lenses yet, first place im gna work out what the hell VR stands for... defs want a 55-200 lens
Vibration Reduction = Image stabilisation. The D60 is a cut down D80. I had the 55-200 until I moved up to full frame (D700). It is a good lens for the money. I have had the D70 and D70S and used the D80 extensively. You can pick up D80's that are mint in the proper forums.

Get a Canon
Save a bit more and get Pentax K-x

See this link for a comparison to the D80


Heres a good price 350 quid with lens

cheers conqueror, i think thta would be a great option ifit didnt run of AA batteries, epic flaw

Yeah AA batteries isnt everyones first choice...

Have read Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries are the way forward

The use of AAs is a disadvantage out of the box. You get four … The use of AAs is a disadvantage out of the box. You get four non-rechargeable lithium batteries with the camera: according to Pentax that's enough for 640 shots, or 420 shots if you use the flash half the time.That's reasonable - we took well over 270 shots plus videos in a single day and didn't run out of power. However, if you want to recharge the batteries you'll need to buy four Ni-MH AAs plus a charger - count on spending £20 on a complete set.The use of AAs does have its advantages though. Firstly, Pentax claims that four rechargeable Ni-MH batteries will be enough for 1,100 shots with 50 per cent flash use, which far outstrips the Canon 500D's lithium-ion battery (400 shots) or the Nikon D5000's (510).Secondly, if your proprietary lithium-ion battery dies in the middle of nowhere you're stuck until you can find somewhere to plug it in; AA batteries can be bought virtually everywhere on Earth.Read more: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/cameras-and-camcorders/cameras/digital-slrs/pentax-k-x-642482/review?artc_pg=5#ixzz163A6IRst

If you can cope with the AA batteries this is a cracking deal...

PENTAX K-x Digital SLR Camera + 18-55mm Zoom Lens & 50-200mm Zoom Lens

Product code: 443264

Was £629.99

Now £399.99

aye it is a cracking deal for the pentax... just a damn shame about those batteries, whatever i end up with im gonna try get the kit lens and get my folks to get me a 55-200 for crimbo... im caught between going in at the cheapest end and buying brand new or maxing out my budget and getting sumthing second hand and a bit better...
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