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Found 5th Feb 2011
I have been using a Fuji S1200 as a 'bridge' for a few months and decided I want to upgrade to a DSLR. Have searched this site but only deal I can see that is not expired is the Best Buy one below for the Sony A290. Like the idea of the twin lens kit but the lack of live view seems to be a big downside for a beginner.

I would be happy to buy second hand / ebay etc if anyone has seen any good deals around for a good quality basic set up?


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Pentax K-x if its DSLR for 350 quid

Numerous reviews should back this up such as


as well as

TIPA Awards 2010: "Best Entry Level D-SLR 2010" awarded to the PENTAX … TIPA Awards 2010: "Best Entry Level D-SLR 2010" awarded to the PENTAX K-xAfter receiving numerous distinctions in the European press during the past year, PENTAX is pleased to announce that the Digital SLR has been voted ‘Best Entry-level DSLR of the Year 2010’ by TIPA (Technical Image Press Association).


379.99 at ABC.. bit of searching you might get it cheaper




This may also be worth a look from that same ebay seller - Olympus E-P1 (micro four thirds) - not a dslr but a compact interchangable lens system and still a very capable camera - baragian price IMO

Go for the Sony. I found the lack of live view to be a bonus if anything as it forced me to stop using a dslr like a point and shoot
Thanks for this, very helpful. Love the retro styling of that Olympus.

The K-X looks like it could be the one for me though. Cheers for the suggestion!
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