DSLR Camera Advice - New setup needed

    Evening All

    After some advice from hopefully some experienced owners.

    Looking to replace my entire Pentax Setup, initially was going to purchase K-1 but the issues noted online regards slow AF are putting me off as I have similar with my current K-3.

    Anyhow looking at either Nikon D750 or D810. Seen a few decent deals on SLRHut but my main issue is lenses.

    I use 24-70mm and 35mm mainly on my Pentax and deliberating over the quite well reviewed Tamron 24-70mm VC.

    Are there any members on here who own that lens and can give real world use.

    I own a Sigma 24-70mm HSM for Pentax and that had few niggly issues and has just been serviced and sorted by Sigma. I still notice sharpness issues between 50-70mm which is drawback on the lens more than anything and 2.8 on that lens is not goo, normally F4-F5.6 sweet spot. Tamron 24-700mm VC seems to be highly rated with some flaws noted.

    So after some advice, D750 or D810 are within my budget, Mainly shoot Portrait and Family shots. Its the lenses after more advice on as owned Pentax for years so changing Brand is a complete new setup needed. Obviously not discounting Canon as a potential substitute just Lens reviews have read haven't looked as positive but I maybe wrong and there is some exceptional Canon Setups available that outweigh Nikon Performance..

    Lenses I own
    10-17mm (dont use)
    18-55mm (Kit only)
    18-135mm (kit only)
    50mm Prime (Used fairly Often)
    35mm MF (Use all the time)
    24-70mm (Use all the time)

    Basically need advice and real world reviews on lens that cover my most used focal points.

    Got around £2500 budget after factoring in money back from my existing kit.

    Also not fussed on Grey Imports as my K-3 was bought from US so any recommendations on decent reputable retailers


    Maybe post / ask here

    I moved from a Nikon to a Fujifilm and I don't regret it.

    Canon make some of the best lenses in the world - the majority of sports and journalists use Canon, the rest use Nikon.
    Sony are trying to steal the crown but I think they have a long way to go.

    One thing to bear in mind - given you list a MF lens in your existing setup, it is much easier to fit MF lenses of different brands to a canon than it is to a nikon.

    Nikon always forever portrait, Cannon sports/ action

    Original Poster

    Currently toying to a D750, but have seen a D810 bundle with couple of lenses on slrhut for £1950 inc duties. They are banned on here so cant even post deal to get an idea on if any good
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