dSLR camera deals?

    I'm looking for deals on dSLR-style cameras. Something like Pentax *ist DS, Fuji Finepix S9500, etc.

    I guess I can spend no more than 350 pounds. Thanks a lot in advance.

    P.S. I already know about the deal for Canon EOS 350D.


    Well, this is semi-SLR... and it looks amazing if you ask me.…htm


    Hmmm.. What exactly is "semi-SLR"?
    This camera is an ultrazoom (not SLR) and, according to this review is good camera, but competition is better.


    If you after UZ, then try Panasonic FZ series, FZ20 or FZ5. But if you are after a proper low-cost dSLR, then take a look and Nikon D50 or Minolta Dynax 5D. The latter got image stabilizer built-in to body, so you don't have to spend a lot on stabilized optics.

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    Thanks for the answers. Finally I think I'm liking the Panasonic FZ30 (the best deal I found was for 369, any better than this would be highly appreciated) and Fuji S9500 (or S9000 - same thing), again good deals would be very welcome.

    DigitalRev are selling FZ30 for 309.99. Not sure whether this shop is any good - never used them.
    The next one up is 339.99 from
    But better still, you can have FZ20 (an excellent camera) from Jessops for 199.99! Here

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    Great thanks Kommunist.

    The FZ20 at Jessops is a truly nice deal, but I think the FZ30 is a much better camera and worth spending a few more pounds.

    The prices in DigitalRev shop are great, but be aware that products are shipped from Asia and you'll have to pay customs and taxes, so in case of the FZ30 the final price will be closer to 370GBP - not much of a bargain anymore.

    And just to be picky, the 339.99 is not from, but from

    Can it get any better than 339.99 (maybe with some discount codes?)???
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