DSLR help please!

    RIght, I am getting a DSLR for my birthday. (Lucky me I know.)

    I am looking at three cameras, the Sony A300, Sony A350 and Canon 450D.

    Anyone have any advice on which is best camera and/or best value?

    Cheapest prices I can find are:

    A300: £399.99
    A350: £449.99
    450D: £495.04

    Thanks everyone/anyone.


    Definitely go with the Canon. Canon and Nikon are the top camera brands used by professionals because they offer the best quality. It's worth paying the extra!

    Canons rule. Though i'd probably go for the 400D which is over £100 cheaper and a further £45 cashback.

    The main question is how often are you going to use liveview? The Sony A3xx series currently have the best liveview implementation, similar to the E-330 this uses a second sensor in the viewfinder chamber rather than driving the screen using the main sensor. The advantage of this is that basically you can use the Sony with the screen on the back rather than the viewfinder with standard phase detect AF and no extra mirror flips when taking a picture. Most liveview systems use the main sensor which means they need to keep the mirror up which disables the standard high speed AF system - to get around this they need to drop the mirror briefly to focus and then move it back up or use a similar system to point and shoot cameras which uses the sensor to focus but is much slower.

    Obviously a big advantage of SLRs is the optical viewfinder so it really depends on whether you're going to be using this primarily or not - if you're not that bothered about using the screen for the live preview then I would be less inclined towards the Sony models. The kit lenses aren't great quality and getting a hold of decent lenses is expensive especially as the second hand market is limited.

    The Canon 450D is a very strong all round camera, while its liveview system is far weaker than the Sony models it is better in most other areas. Additionally with the popularity of Canon cameras it's easier to get a hold of lenses and accessories as there's many more around meaning more competitive prices and there's a good second hand market. I would go for the 450D over the 400D, while the latter can be had cheaper I think the newer camera is worth it alone for the improved IS lens which is stabilised and better quality than its predecessor. The 450D improvements are well worth paying the extra for.

    Bear in mind there's quite a few more camera out there from other brands that can offer better value for money but it's really dependent on what sort of usage you're planning as each of the DSLR manufacturers have different advantages.


    Have a wee browse on , will give you an idea of the cameras and there are samples of the images taken with the cameras also. Very informative website


    Good advice (as always) from John.

    Canon would deffo be my choice.

    Hi I have recently brought a Canon 400D from Jessops got a great deal /package inc zoom lens ,4g memory card ,flash ,lowpro bag and and Centon bag vouchers for printing £500 with cash back .took it to Cuba 2 day s after brought it and took over 700pics in 10 days great photos have some craking shots of Raoul Castro that i took with the zoom .no live view was not a prob for me. it cant take movie clips though but found camera realy easy to use.

    Canon, Sony, Nikon & Pentax all make great DSLRs, some have quirky novelty features that others do not have, and at the end of the day its your budget that counts and how far you want to take the hobby.

    The main thing to consider is Canon and Nikon have been doing the job for a long long time and are the choices of 90% of Photogs out there.

    This has one major plus side over the Sonys and Pentax systems and thats support...

    When it comes to Canon you have a huge choice of lenses and accessories, Nikon come a close second but Canon lenses are more abundant in 2nd hand circles thus giving you greater expandability in future use.

    My advice would be go Canon all the way, get yourself a GOOD lens or two that will serve your purpose then if it becomes a hobby that your gonna stick with and get more and more involved in all you have to do is upgrade the camera in the future and your lenses will follow. Theres nothing worse than kitting yourself out running a year or two, outgrowing your gear and having to upgrade everything. At least with Canon and Nikon if you buy the higher end acessories lenses and such they are compatible and a standard throughout their range.

    If your new to SLRs you will be more than happy with the 400d or 450d Canon.
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