dslr newbie help

    just got a canon dslr kit anybody point me in the direction of websites or books that can help a total newb ?


    I have been told to buy this it's supposed to be a good point to start.

    Also this website looks good.

    Hope these help

    +1 for Understanding Exposure. Great book for those new (and not so new) to photography. It may seem obvious but the manual is a great place to start.

    The best place to start is which is a Canon forum, there's loads of 'starter' threads which explain exposure, f stops etc.

    Good links!

    There are a few apps out there that are great.

    the best forum to join is DPreview and you will get lots of help from there,

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    thanks guys any good books for a complet no hoper ?


    thanks guys any good books for a complet no hoper ?

    As posted above, Understanding Exposure provides an excellent guide to photography, how it works, how shutter speed, aperture and ISO interact etc.
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