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Found 13th Jun 2009
Right, I am looking to get a DSLR (Sony A300) for £300 or superzoom (Casio EX-FH20) for £190. I like the idea of the slow motion video capture HD video recording of the Casio, but for quality I hear that DSLR's cannot be beat. Would there be a huge difference or would I be safe going with the Casio. If there are any bettr reasonabley priced alternative please say so, I will give rep generously, thanks
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Would go with DSLR tbh.
Could go for a Nikon d40 or a sony a200.
Sorry, have to disagree, a superzoom (ie: bridge/hybrid) is a better option as they usually come with a big zoom lens, and now the newer ones have HD video. DSLR are great, but you have to think once you get a body with lens (ie: 18-55mm), you then have to consider an extra zoom lens etc. Personally what I would recommend is the Canon SX1IS with 20x optical zoom, you have everything you need ie: big zoom range, wide angle, large screen, full manual override, HD video etc.
Go for the canon G 10 it's what all the pros carry, shoots in Raw mode as well as having a decent zoom. Better still check out the Canon store on ebay where you can get a 400D for 200 quid or a G9 foe the same price. Don't worry about being re-furbs , i have bought 4 cameras and 3 printers from them and have never had a problem.
Are you are thinking of getting into photgraphey or just want a point and shoot type of camera with ok results?

I would go DSLR (which i have a couple), you may regreat it if you dont..

It all comes down to what your requirements are.

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