DSLR required (what to buy) with a budget of £700

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Found 12th Nov 2010
I am looking in to buying a new DSLR camera but which ??

I have a budget of £700 I have seen the canon deals pop up but are they any good they do not seam to get much heat is that due to the cost and no one wants to spend that kind of money or they are poor deals or poor kit

I friend has a nikon and swears by it but are they any good?

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All I know is Canon owners will swear by Canon and Nikon owners will swear by Nikon. Best bet is to go to a Jessops and look at a few cameras, handle them and see which feels most comfortable
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I agree with stewby... none of the makes or models stand well above their competitors so your best bet is to try them out at a camera shop and get a real feel for them. They can vary in weight, handling, placement of the controls, and whether your hands are big or small also makes a difference to how they feel and operate.

I'm a Canon DSLR owner and I love their products but I'm sure I wouldn't be unhappy with any of the other major brands.

Am a Canon user I have 3 DSLR Flash Guns and Lens, I have added to my collection over the years . But when buying any products take a wider look and look to see what the price accessories would be, In this case look at the prices lens, batteries, battery chargers hand grips etc even none Original brands . . . Hope this helps
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