DSP Headphones

    Hi all,

    I've been looking for some DSP headphones. I like the Plantronics AUDIO 550:…505

    I would like to under £35 delivered (after discounts) max if possible. Anyone know how/where to get it for about that? Preferably from a UK retailer!

    Rep to be left as appropriate :thumbsup: ;-)


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    Had a look around and that eBuyer price with Google checkout's the best I can see.


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    I tried to REP you but it won't let me. I will once I've 'spread some around'

    I have ordered some anyway now. Cheers for the help!

    Ahh it probably knows I didn't find a decent deal, lol.

    The nearest I could find was Pixmania, but once you factor in delivery, Google checkout etc. eBuyer was still cheapest.

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    In the end I used Virgin Media accessories. It was £37 odd, no discount with Google Checkout etc BUT with the flipin £7 delivery it wasnt so nice. How ever, the delivery is fast, like next day, where as eBuyer takes forever! Few £££ etc for speed is great.
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