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    Hi Im looking for 2 dstt cards for xmas as its too late to get them from dealextreme..Any one got ones to sell


    I got mine last week from Amazon Marketplace. They promised to send out first class recoreded delivery and it arrived the next day. Think it only cost around £18 delivered and that was with a 2gb card.…8-1

    looks like they are about £20 now. Hope this helps.

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    great help thanks:santa:

    Not allowed to sell flash cards on here.

    OP, I would advise doing some research before getting DSTT from dealextreme, search for posts on here. Seem to be a fair few with dead cards from there lately.

    a lot of the problem is not putting the o/s onto the card right or filling it up to much and the games not being able to make a save up so they just lock up, done both myself
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