dstt showing red menu screen

    i no ive set it up correctly so thats not the issue what im wondering is, is it the mem card or the dstt card basically set it all up then when u load the games it then comes up with red tt menu screen but in comp its showing as there is stuff on mem card but i cnt see it tried formatting it and starting over but same thing happens.
    so is it the mem card or is it a dodge dstt card.


    Have a look at the forums on ''

    When it has happend on mine I just reformatted and reloaded everything again and it worked fine.:thumbsup:

    make a folder and put the game in it .
    then drag and drop folder .
    then the saved files stay in same folder and when you want new game justed delete folder....

    theres a lot of copys going around ....check on site to see ..ive had a to send some back but mine stuck on loading screen......
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