Dual Booting Windows

Posted 1st Nov
I want to be able to run Windows 7 and 10 on an old PC. But I want them both on seperate HDDs, and I don't want them to interact with each other at all. And I want the computer to automatically start Windows 7 unless I prompt it to start 10 at start up. Any help on how to achieve this easily without having to manually go into BIOS each time?

I saw this HDD power thingy. Is this any good/neccessary? (Was thinking I could just set Windows 7 to one HDD, Then 10 on another, and press the power switch for 10 as and when needed after setting appropriate boot priority in BIOS)?

HDD Power selector Amazon.

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Fairly easy to. One will be primary. On start up have the bios boot loading with e.g. 7 as primary OS. If you want to load into 10 you manually select it.
Been a while since I did this, was in the days of XP and linux mint.
I don't see why you would need that selector, you should just be able to install them on individual drives and boot normally

Have a read here

Should help.
windows key and r then run msconfig.
38872750-f2Dfv.jpghere you can select which OS boots first and how long the splash screen stays on for before just booting to the first one.

you can leave them both plugged in but they will probably have the other available as a drive once booted up.

if you cant have them even mounted encrypt them both so the other cant mount it without a password /.key
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If your pc case has front 5.25 bays in it then could get a hot swap dock. That way only the drive you want accessed will be in your pc, as you'd only put one drive in at a time.
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