Dual Core Laptop - For around £200-220

    Sold my Desktop pc, so im looking for a powerful laptop..cant use much GCSE exams coming... ..So i need a lappy for around £220 Max..

    Oh and can you guys explain whats better - amd turion x2 - intel core 2 duo etc..
    i dont get which one is better! theres to many..

    Links etc..Any help will be much appreciated!

    Thanks people


    There are two main companies that produce CPUs for PCs and laptops: AMD and Intel.

    The main brand made by Intel is the Core 2 Duo, the main brand made by AMD is the Athlon X2.
    (they both make other brands of CPU but these are the main ones you will see in a PC or laptop at the moment).

    It is generally felt that the Intel Core 2 Duo are the "best" of the two at the moment, so going for an Intel Core 2 Duo is a good decision.

    Having said that the Athlon X2 are not "bad" CPUs so it is not a mistake to go for one of those either, in fact a fast Athlon X2 is better than a slow Intel Core 2 Duo.

    Here is a list of all the Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs in "power" order (fastest at the top).

    The one that begin E (E8500, E6850 etc) go in desktops the ones that begin T (T9500, T8300 etc) are the ones that go in laptops.…htm

    Here is a list of the AMD X2 mobile CPUs, they are numbered TL-68 and so on.…tml

    Here is a web site where you can compare the performance of various CPUs.…php


    i saw an advent refurb post for 200 at dixons a couple of days ago... search for it on here.

    This would probably suit your needs and being reconditioned you get a good spec for your budget...…d-/

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    hey, thanks for the help people =]
    i tried searching for a laptop but most of them are over £250, which is far to over my budget..
    I was going to go for that advent laptop but the graphics card seems dull..i've never heard of them..
    I might sell my xbox (the old 1's)..get a bit of extra cash..and buy a lappy..
    is it ok to sell a modded xbox?

    please keep the deals coming..
    £220 Max!


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    just a little bump, so that people can help me!


    hey, thanks for the help people =]the graphics card seems dull..i've … hey, thanks for the help people =]the graphics card seems dull..i've never heard of them..

    UMA just means Unified memory architecture, it just refers to the fact that the graphics card uses system memory instead of dedicated. It doesn't say who it's made by.

    I've also got exams soon (Scottish Highers), you're going to be hard pressed to find a laptop with high spec under £220, I managed to get a dell vostro 1000 for about £233 (2GHz AMD processor, 1 GB ram, 80 GB HDD) you can probably get better elsewhere now, but to get a dual core (new) laptop, you're looking at around £250-£290 minimum. Selling you're modded xbox is probably not woth doing, as I think thy resale at around £20, best just keep it around for spare/media centre. If you're not needing it right away i'd suggest waiting until exams are over, just keeping an eye out for decent deals. Check this website now and then and occasionally check places such as,,,,,,, and that's all I can think of off the the top of my head. You may also want to check currys, dixons and pc world's websites as they sometimes have decent refurbished laptop deals.
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