Posted 4th Aug 2020Edited by:"LiTtLE_DeE"
I'm looking for a new Air Con since my old unit just bit the dust. I had an issue with my old Air con which would start to blow warm air once the outside temperature got above a certain level even when using a homee window seal kit which I believe from Googling is because of a flaw in the design of single hose air con in which they create negative pressure in a room etc. So I'm now trying to buy a dual hose system which according to my very basic understanding does not suffer from this issue as they draw air from outside via the 2nd hose. The problem is I cannot seem to find many dual hose Air con available in the UK.

Now I’ve manage to find a 9000btu unit on Amazon…53f for £289 - £299 with the window kit. Can anyone with more knowledge of Air con advise if it's any good as its quite new to Amazon & has zero reviews or can anyone point me to a reasonably price alternative Dual hose air con available in the UK?

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