Dual Layer DVD+R Suitable For Xbox Backups

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Found 15th Jul 2008
Hey is there any deals or vouchers floating around for some good quality media?

It has to be +R not the minus ones and the dye needs to be of good quality they will be solely used to back up my xbox 360 games as i keep scratching my originals.

Rep left for any replies!

Thanks in advance!

DJ Strobe


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anyone??? there must be a deal somewhere lol


Don't you need DL (Dual Layer) DVD+R's for 360 backups?

Not sure but the links ive provided also sell those too ;-)

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thanks peeps, i alrede use those sites too i was just hoping a fellow xbox 360 modder knew where to get the good old verbatims dual layers as there out of stock everywhere either that or there phenomenally priced atm

Thanks all the same, Rep left for both as promised...

this is a very helpful thread cos i've been looking to get some of these! thanks.


these are the ones that i use, on the odd occasion you find a bad disk or two but for 25 you cant go wrong
I prefer traxdata the purple ones but they are too expensive so only use them on good games

you can burn them at 4x speed btw, even though it says 2.4x, i always burn at 4x


Those above are good, and Ritek's dye is always of a top quality. However, i found with them that if i sya burned a game a few months ago and went back to play i had unplaybale disk error, and it would be as if i burned it at the highest speed. Verbs are faultless. Pay the extra cash your still getting 25 360 games for £26 LOL

funily enough my 360 doesnt like verbs, they were one of the worst discs i tested
i guess that can only be a good thing considering the price of them!


LOL lucky you mate! My 360 is a right picky fcuker haaha and only takes the best ¬_¬
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