Dual Layer Verbatim DVDs

    I need Dual Layer (DL) DVDs. It could be '+' or '-' don't care (but not DVD-RAM).
    Must be made by Verbatim, preferrably in pack of 10.

    I know that it is fairly expensive and I could split video over two discs (and I even know how) but unfortunately - it MUST fit 1 disk and be of best quality possible (which it is). And no other brands are acceptable

    So far the lowest price is from Maplin - 29.99 for spindle of 10. Anyone cheaper?


    hi there,

    i found these (i think they are what you are after)

    have a lil look and tell me if they are what your looking for…201

    £2.83 inc vat, not sure abour del…396

    £3.76 (in VAT) not sure about delivery


    £4.99 (inc vat) again not sure about delivery

    these are just a few i found
    Hope this helps

    oopsss im sorry, i didnt see the "dual layer" bit S@#*

    sorry abouve prices are just for normal sized DVD's
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