Dual Monitors vs Ultrawide

Posted 7th Jun 2020
I have a dual monitor set up at work...primarily for productivity. I will be building my first PC (X570, 3700X, 5700XT) this week and torn between whether to go for a dual 24" curved monitor setup or go with a ultrawide 34".

I will be a casual gamer. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
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It's down to your preference to be honest. I am not a fan of the ultrawide screens so I opted for a curved. Maybe better going for a 27" or 32" over the 24" though. I do recommend a 1440p monitor for gaming. You don't really notice the curve either, that was one of my worries about curved.
Dual monitor for gaming, ultra-wide for productivity/creative work
Anyone who has tried ultrawide gaming would not go back to a normal 16.9 monitor, it’s superb and you are more immersed in what you play, also productivity is great on it. I had dual 1440p 27” monitors first, the 34” ultrawide is now my main monitor with the others on the side, it’s the same profile height, so they look good in a row.
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