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Dual Oral B toothbrush chargers...

Posted 5th Apr 2014
Ok - so odd one, but i am sure i cant be the only one...

Been looking at getting an Oral B electric tooth brush for my wife and i... so we dont have to have two docking stations plugged in, are there any "Dual Docks"?

Or is the best option to buy one tooth brush and swap the heads? (just a bit of a faff)
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The toothbrushes don't need charging every time so 1 charger would be enough for 2 toothbrushes. Just charge when needed. We have 4 of these toothbrushes in our house 2 up stairs and 2 down and just one charger in each. 5 of us share the 4 toothbrushes and have a head each up stairs and one each down stairs.
I'd say go for the best one and just change heads. You can put it on charge in the morning and it will be fully charged by lunchtime. These can cost up to £200, ours did though luckily we got them half price. We do have two but an afterthought was one would do unless one of you travels without the other, believe me you will never go back to a manual.
each toothbrush comes with a charger. A charge lasts a week and takes 12 hours to recharge. Just start using yours 3 days after your wife and you should rarely clash using just the one charger
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