Dual Shock 3 question, some help?

    I am loving the Playstation 3 at the moment I don't get why it has got such bad publicity the console is really well made I think.

    Anyway about the Dual Shock 3 I am buying one soon as I believe it will be merged with the use of most if not all upcoming titles. My question is though will the Dual Shock 3 work straight out box? Or will I have to essentially need go online and download a patch or whatever in order for it to work? I lost my network settings when I had to format the Playstation 3 hard drive (as I couldn't get Heavenly Sword to work) funny since then it works everytime now but basically I am having problems getting back on the Playstation 3 network again.

    So I am kind of hoping that won't I have to go online just to update the Dual Shock 3 controller.

    Just one other thing where is a good place to buy one cheap here in the U.K?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    I think as long as you have the most recent (or fairly recent) firmware, it'll work straight of the box. You can d/l firmware updates from the Sony PS3 site, and then either burn them to disc/memory stick and install them that way.

    From what I can remember, Game is the cheapest place for them in the UK - £34.99, but you can use a £3 (or sometimes £5) discount code to lower the price even more.

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    Thanks. I just updated to the lastest Fireware last night actually (2.41) but I was a bit reluctant to with the problems people had with it before with their Playstation 3's supposedly breaking down. I have the original 60GB model as well so it would be harder to replace if it died on me because as you know Sony stopped production on them a while ago.

    I will probably buy one now then from GAME as you said I wish I could get my Playstation 3 back on line though damn it.

    When you say network login - do you mean PSN id or WEP key? If PSN id - just create a new user name.

    Some old games need to be patched to get rumble working (Resistance etc) but all new games have rumble from the start.
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