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    I am looking for a dual-sim mobile phone as I do lot of travelling now and am fed up off my single-sim Moto-g (I have to remove my UK sim and put in the local sim).

    Anyway, I am looking to spend around £100-150 max. I know Tesco do a dual-sim Moto G but I was thinking of trying another make (perhaps Samsung/HTC/Huwai/or any other). I can buy 2nd hand, if required.

    Can anybody recommend a good alternative please?



    Moto G is good choice and seems to tick all your looking for.

    Moto g 2nd gen +1

    I know you fancy a change, but ive had dual sims before and this is the most stable

    Comment[quote=mrwhitelabel]Moto g 2nd gen +1
    You've probably solved the mystery of what the next iteration will be called

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys. I guess I can sell my moto g and buy another moto g :0)

    One quick question: What about Xiaomi Redmi 1s? It is from Xiaomi and the reviews are good.
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