Dual SIM phones - advice needed please

    So am looking at these dual SIm phones but they all seem to be makes I have never heard of and from HK. Anybody got any advice on them? Seem cheap enough but thats always a worry isnt it.…312


    Lots of dual sims at ]http//ww…511 good company and yiu get 1 year warrenty so better than ebay and maybe cheaper as well

    Search for this on ebay "dual sim card adapter", about £4 or so, heres a video of one being installed…C_I
    Will turn any phone into a dual sim phone, I'm gonna buy one soon for my k750i. Much cheaper and theres less risk than buying a phone from hong kong, no guarantee that it will even work in the UK, plus most don't have the features of brand phones. DX is a good company though, but you'll get burned on import tax if customs see it.
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