Dual sim touch screen phones from deal extremne

    Has anyone on here bought a mobile phone from deal extreme? i was just wondering what the actual quality was like and if they were easy to set up for uk networks.

    Bit dubious as they are so cheap, was looking at this one




    Dunno. But when I posted a similar thread (for a Touch Diamond look alike) in Misc, Rayman took it down so I never found out!

    Never did find out what the problem was despite asking!

    read the comments dude, that one in particular is apparently a fake of a fake!:giggle::giggle::giggle:

    Original Poster

    I realise they are copys of the likes of an iphone and the nokia xpress, i was just wondering if anyone has actually bought one

    Yeah but that's a copy of a copy! hahaha

    And I'm fairly sure that none of the phones on dealextreme are even 3G.

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    ok, cheers, doesn't look like anyone has actually bought one then, not a good sign
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