Dualshock 3 charging help

    Hi, I'm trying to charge my dualshock 3 but it won't have it.

    Never really used my ps3.

    The 4 lights flash once when I plug the usb in, but then it does nowt.

    Anyway what should it do?, anyone have any ideas. Thanks



    tried the reset button on the back of the controller ?

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    yeah I did give that a press, must be knackered, nowt helping

    Try charging using a laptop?


    yeh try on a laptop/PC had same problem and it worked

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    yeah, Ive tried on pc/ps3/360. Nowt

    Ithought maybe the usb cable but it works as a wired joypad with it

    I'm all out of ideas!

    you got a iphone or ipod charger? Stick it into the wall plug using that.

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    you got a iphone or ipod charger? Stick it into the wall plug using that.

    Thanks, Just tried that, still no luck, Just ordered a cheap wired joypad from fleabay


    just ring sony - they are very good with replacing controllers with battery / charging faults for free
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    OMG it so easy i had the same provblem heres wat u do 1st plug the controller into the ps3 using the usb charger cable.2. then hold down the reset button for about 10 seconds. 3. hold down the ps button for 10 seconds ... the problem was that the controller had lost synchronization with the ps3.. consider it now re-synced =D
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