Dubai and Abu Dhabi advice please.

Found 5th Aug 2017
I’d like to visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi in

Can anyone offer any tips, tricks or experiences on

It’s basically a photography trip.

When would be the best time to book?

What is the best way to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back
again? (this would be towards the end of my trip, maybe driving from AD to Dubai

Would you rent a car (from Dubai airport or from somewhere in

In Abu Dhabi, I’d like to visit the “Sheikh Zayed Grand
Mosque” and the “Yas Marina F1 Circuit”, maybe over 2 days, so a car might be
the best option.

According the Google Maps, the quickest route from one to the
other is a toll road. Is it expensive and should be avoided or something and

What is the border crossing like?

Generally speaking which areas of both locations would you
recommend staying in?

I’m travelling on a budget, so I don’t need super expensive
hotels which facilities I won’t be using.

Maybe somewhere that’s walkable to grocery store.

Thank you.
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Id hire a car stay in derra Dubai best food and cheapest hotels/hostels

Dubai is not to bad In November and Abu Dhabi is only 1 hour away, there is no border check as its part of UAE.
Go to Westfield and you'll get the same photographs.

In a nutshell, Uae is shopping malls and large buildings built from modern day slavery.

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People in Dubai don't understand 80's comedy cartoons about crime-solving dogs; but people in Abu Dhabi Do.
Traveling around dubai cheapest option is metro get a pass at airport from the machine....…tml
Get a Nol card...There is a women and children only carriage just be aware.
Sorry for the late reply, I didn't receive any email notifications.

Thank you everyone, except Peanuted (only joking Mr Nuted ).

Erubadhron, are we talking Hong Kong Phooey, Scooby Doo or Devil's B Hole that is Scrappy Doo?

Any other suggestions, please keep 'em coming.
I have to slightly agree with peanuted. I have been to Dubai 3 times, the last being in 2015, and there is no such thing as "going on a budget" when it comes to U.A.E. All the sights worthy of pictures, barring maybe a souk which I cannot remember the name of (in Old Dubai, nothing like the Dubai you imagine), will be expensive. Taxis, food, accommodation and the sights themselves unless you take pictures from outside. I realised after the 3rd visit that there is not much really to see other than results of modern day slavery at its finest, although that was never the reason for my visits as I went for business. Dubai is the geographical counterpart of the fakest person you meet.
It's hell on earth.

The expats out there are the lowest form of human being; pretentious and fake.

The locals are hypocrites. They pray multiple times a day, yet go visit the Lebanese sleaze after hours. It's all ok though, the alcohol doesn't touch their lips!

Source: had a sister out there who I reluctantly visited now and then.

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Thank you for the additional info.

I noticed when looking at Booking . com for hotel prices, that there are three additional costs to be added to the cost.
Two lots of 10% and another 10 AED per night.

Is this normal or are "Booking" just being more upfront about revealing the hidden cost, which other site might hide?

To HotUKdeals,
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