Dubious "High in Omega 3" claims at supermarkets hard to quantify

    I notice that a lot of farmed and none farmed fish in Tesco have on them "high in omega 3" and yet they fail to quantify what is high.

    What is even more strange is how can Salmon be high in Omega 3 if it is farmed ??? I ask this beause they don't develop omega 3, it comes from the food chain and is passed up. So farmed salmon has very little omega 3 at all. The source of omega 3 is from sea plants, which is eaten by bottom feeders, which are eaten by smaller fish, which are then eaten by salmon (or so I believe). That is why you see cod with "added omega 3" because their diet is different, and there is very little omega 3 in cod and other white fish.

    Sounds dubious and quite the labeling scam and something I want fixed.



    Glasses, fish oil ..... what's next

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