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Found 9th Nov 2008
FREE INCENTIVES! (Im sure Ive caught your attention now). Its for people up to the age of 25 (i think.....). I just wanted to inform you of this amazing site called dubitinsider.com! Its wicked! Basically you sign up, request to join a team, (if accepted) promote the product/service like crazy then receive incentives (yer, they do include cash). You may even be promoting something that hasnt even hit the streets! Imagine the popularity youll be gaining then! You wont be the only one promoting, youll be doing it as a team with many other budding insiders! So, what you waiting for? Join now and apply! dubitinsider.com (BTW..just to let you know, it is FREE)

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hmmmmm no

cant join now, been saying for months come back next month, now says come back next year as upgrading blah blah

Joined a while ago and have had nothing to do
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