Dublin with 4 and 6 year old kids

    hi pls let me know of where s the best place to take kids in ireland dublin never been before so would appreciate any advice on places to go visit and if theres any cheap accomodation anywhere in a suitable area for kids even if its a drive away are there any good campsites places with facilities etc... like eurocamp keycamp accomodation where you can hire a mobile home and use this as a base to explore ireland???? pls help


    Go to dublin zoo, the kids will love it. apply to the tourist board for a tourist guide and plan from that. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

    Agree with Sophie - the zoo is excellent... my husband and I spent almost the full day there, and it would be great for the kids.

    Just a thought, if you stay anywhere on the outskirts of Dublin bear in mind that quite a few of the roads over there have tolls on them. ie M50 at Liffey Valley and some of the newer roads N4 etc. Just something to consider if you stay further out.

    Believe it or not the Guinness factory might provide some entertainment for them it is after all a family attraction. They do family tickets so it might work out good on the wallet too, and when you get to the top of the place you get a beer! wooohh!
    Personally my first choice but with Children id have to agree that perhaps the Zoo is more suitable

    Dublin is sooo expensive at the moment

    First of all visit [url][/url] their official Dublin tourist board. They have plenty of suggestions for kids to enjoy the Dublin area and can send you plenty of free literature. There are about 50 or so places that are eminently suitable for kids in the "Greater Dublin area" and lovely seaside resorts nearby also.

    If you do NOt have a car for your use then ask the dublin Tourist board for details of their "DUBLIN PASS" which has excellent offers for bus/rail/tram fares for visitors. If you are hiring a car try [url][/url] which is an excellent Irish car rental broker.

    Dublin is though an expensive city if you remain in the Centre but plenty to do for children in nearby resorts such as Bray and Dun Laoghaire. If you plan to do any travel well away from Dublin then you will need a hired car or one of the many Bus or Rail passes available from tourist board. They can also send you a general irish brochuire in case you wish to go outside Dublin;equally you can get this from the Irish Tourist Board in London.

    Accomodation varies from excellent family bed and breakfast places to expensiev hotels and there are indeed many good quality camping sites and youth hostels in Dublin area.Again the tourist board has a special accomodation brochure FREE which lists all accomodation in Dublin and its surrounding areas. Enjoy! You can usually find cheap Ryanair flights from most UK airports to Dublin.
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