Duck, Duck, BUSH!

    (from BBC News)

    President Bush ducked out of harm's way when a man threw his shoes at him during his farewell trip to Iraq.

    The man, later identified as Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Iraqi-owned Al-Baghdadiya television based in Egypt, shouted "this is the end" as he hurled them at the American leader.

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    See, there were the weapons of mass destruction, bet they hummed a bit.

    Once the secret service realised they weren't bombs, they jumped up,very brave ROFL


    Once the secret service realised they weren't bombs, they jumped up,very … Once the secret service realised they weren't bombs, they jumped up,very brave ROFL

    Ours would have just blown his head off when he sat back down.

    That would have been so cool if Bush had done a matrix style slow motion dodge the shoe move


    I Would Give That Guy a Award For Doing That!

    Will he be secretly hung now?

    Bush was lovin it..... for a person of his IQ this is probably what he always hoped being president was about

    Where is Flash Gordon Brown when you need him? Savior of our universe........…YW0

    Well it was quite a dodge, I'm sure he's well used to stuff being thrown at him by mommy Bush.

    along with the shoes came a couple being a brace of rather fine duck's too
    it was all over an unpaid ebay account...arabic conversion to the video "next time its paypal or nothing"

    quack quack

    Original Poster

    think this video will be the new star wars kid :P

    shoe bomber makes a comeback?

    So thats where Saddam hid his WMD. They were in the shoes all along. To be fair, despite being a monstrosity of advancing years, Bush moved pretty quickly to dodge out the way of those scuds.... i mean shoes.

    shame he missed

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    Brought back memories of the time Bill Gates got a pie in his face lol..

    Anyone knows what make the shoes were and where to buy them?

    Islam is portrayed by the western media as a monolithic religion to which Moslems worldwide adhere unswervingly, but the reality is quite different. Islam is as divided as Christianity between those who do good and those who break the laws of traditional religion.

    The incident of the Iraqi journalist throwing shoes at President Bush is but one example. He acted contrary to traditional law by shaming a guest in his country. If an American journalist had publically shamed a Muslim head of state, the Muslim world would be outraged.
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