Found 4th Feb 2006
Hi there

I'm about to upgrade my mobile - I currently get 750 Xnet anytime mins and 120 texts for £35, but I want to get 1000 as I use it for talking a lot in the daytime - not bothered about texts really.

Was looking at getting Motorola V3X.

Can you help?



(apologies if I'm not doing this right, I have just been advised to come on here by my friend who has been raving about the site!)

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Welcome to HUKD!!

Well, for the V3x you're looking at £300 for the whole year, that's £25 per month (after cashback) but unfortunately you only get 500 minutes.

That was the cheapest price... for 1000 x-net minutes and 150 texts per month you're looking at £40 per month after cashback. If you were to buy this tariff from 3 (i.e. miss out the cashback) then it'd be £60 per month.

Whta happens is you pay the normal £60 per month, and then you can claim cashback from the retailer at specified intervals, which are the equivalent of getting 4 months free line rental. You continue paying the £60 per month after month 12 unless you cancel. You get some video minutes too.

The offer is at e2save, a very reputable company. I've not only had cashback from them sucessfully, but I LOST the cheque and they replaced it - something any other company wouldn't bother with.

The offer link:…V3X (You need to select the tariff named "Video, Talk and Text 1300".

This is the cheapest I can find your request. If you need more help then don't hesitate to let me know.

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