Hi Duckmagic, I am very new to HUD but I have seen you post some very helpful mobile phone advice.
    I wonder if you could help me please, I have 3 contracts with 3 network, one is due to expire this month (I have the PAC) and the other two next month. I'm paying £3.99 after cashback on a Moto C975, V975 and a LG8130. I'm after something better (Clam shape) and free if pos. All need to be cross network, 1 200mins, 1 400mins and the other 700mins.

    I don't understand this quidco either, how does the phone network know I'm registered with Quidco?

    Sorry for the long post.
    Thanks, Steve


    You got to the QuidCo website to buy the phone. You use their link and it's that which registers.

    [url][/url] - it's all on thier website.


    Look at that thread for the phones (click here) and if you still need help then let me know.

    Original Poster

    Thank you.
    I could only see active links to the O2 and Orange network phones.
    Do you know if 3 network have any similar deals with the lg880 and V3 please.

    I'd wait for the V3 if I were you. The current cheapest deal is about £50 for the year on Orange, but we've seen it cheaper than that recently and the V3s are getting cheaper all of the time due to obselecence.

    The U880's cheapest contract is £90 for the year. if you'd like any details then please PM me!!

    Here's the u880 for £37 for the year (10 months free line rental and earn £33 cash back from Quidco).…=12

    Might be worth including this in the Hot Deals forum duckmagic!?

    Well, It's £20 cheaper than the one I found, because you included QuidCo where I didn't. I'll stick it in anyway.

    Thanks withey.

    Original Poster

    Thanks Withey, I'll be getting that one and the 'poppy' phone on O2. Now I just need to wait for the V3 on 3.
    Duckmagicuk2, You are a mind of information. Thanks for all of your help. Just one point, your ebay link does not work, but if your ebay name is the same as this I found you anyway.


    It's working here. I'm not sure why it isn't working at your end but I do mean to get a address sometime soon. It often goes on the blink.

    It is the same as this username. And I'm proud to have had a huge 3,125 visitors to my site!! Thank you HUKD!

    It doesn't work from here either ducky :?

    Thanks for letting me know... I'll register a this week probably.
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