duckmagicuk2 Reaches 12K Posts - Congrats!

    Can't believe there isn't a thread for this yet (or did I miss it?)

    Congrats to duckmagicuk2 on passing the 12,000 post mark. :-)


    Well done.

    flippin eck, that's some going duckmagicuk2!

    Original Poster

    ]Here's some duck magic to celebrate.

    And in honour of Caturday:

    congrats ducky

    Well done ducky!

    Keep it up, The Duck!

    Original Poster

    Liddle ol' me;2116910

    Keep it up, The Duck!

    And this is why God invented commas. ;-)

    everyone rep roll em

    well done mate quite an achievement

    Well done that duck.:thumbsup::-D:w00t::lol::friends:

    well done smeg head

    wow well done xxx wats a smeg head

    [FONT="Garamond"][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Magenta"]wooohooooo well done![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]



    Amazing - Congratulations
    Well it is Caturday!

    Woop. Although I'm disappointed it took this long to get another thousand (my 11k was almost bang on midnight at New Year's Eve - how sad!).

    I assure you that 13k will be along in a much shorter space of time.

    congratulations duckmagicuk2!

    Well done!



    crazy well done

    Congrats and well done duckie :thumbsup:


    Well done ducky !! :thumbsup::)
    [SIZE="5"]Top Brass![/SIZE]

    [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Bunny wishes Ducky many.......

    I bare congratulated him earlier..

    But congrats again duckeh

    Original Poster


    I bare congratulated him earlier..

    Kinky! :w00t:


    Kinky! :w00t:


    lol kinky ... please re-define ... lol
    [SIZE="4"]for the super gizmo duck![/SIZE]

    .............. :thumbsup:

    :thumbsup: CONGRATULATIONS :thumbsup:
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