Duckmagicuk2 What is the best mobile tarriff for me Please?

    I need 2 (maybe 3) mobile phones on a pay as you go tarriff. I want the best rate to ring mobile to mobile as that is how they will be used most. But also need to text occasionally and ring home.


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    I forgot to say ...PLEASE :oops:

    I think you need to catch duckmagicuk2's attention, so I've added info in the title

    How many minutes do you plan on using? The newer o2 SIM cards offer 100 free minutes for a £10 per month top-up. If you top-up every month then you can use free mins the first month, then in the second use the £10. It really depends. Will it be ringing a variety of networks (different phones on orange, o2, 3, etc)?

    I'll have a better look at them now though.


    OK... I've thought of the best way to do this.

    Firstly, do you need a phone? If so, post back here and I'll help you to find a cheap Pay As You Go Phone.

    If you have a phone and just need the SIM card then the way to go is to look at a great website I've found for comparing Pay As You Go tariffs (which is very difficult because everybody had different needs and opinions) - [url][/url] - and type in the details of your predicted usage. It'll then work out an estimated cost each month and find you the cheapest tariff.

    Remember to look at [url][/url] to see if you can get cashback from the company you will purchase your SIM for.

    If you need a phone, need more help or would like my opinion before you take the plunge then let me know.

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    Thank you Ducky. I will take a look at the comparison site and think it through.
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