Ducky, can you help please :)

    Hi Ducky,
    I'm trying to find two 18 month mobile contracts,
    Automatic cashback or half price for the full term. NO cashback via claims.
    At least 1000 X net anytime minutes.
    No texts.
    Simple(ish) phone to work. Not bothered about Camera or internet.

    I've looked at DAP and a few others but we are looking at around £50.

    I know a fair bit about 12 month contracts with about 500 mins but this has me stumped.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you dont mind a clearance handset with three then that might help!! LOTS of minutes and texts on their offers and half price line rental for all 18 months, and there's £75 cashback via QuidCo too!!
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