Ducky has got some baby ducklings! (With Pictures)

    I've got a Duck (as you can probably all imagine) who has been nesting for about a month now, and I was going to post a few days ago saying "any day now they could hatch" but I never got around to it.

    This morning I went out and along with the mother duck honking he head off as normal I can also hear some chirping, so hopefully there's some little baby ducklings hidden there!! If so, they'll probably appear later today and I'll see if I can get some pictures.

    I've also got some more ducks of the same breed sitting (this breed of duck is HUGE compared to others!!) and they've been sitting for a couple of weeks. I've also got some little white ducks who are laying eggs. Whether they hatch or not is another story.

    [u Ducky's 10 Ducky Facts about his ducks:

    1) I currently have 13 ducks, but hopefully that number will increase today!!
    2) At one point I had as many as THIRTY ducks at once, and I just wouldn't let them go!!
    3) The biggest breed of duck I've kept is the Muscovy. They are EVEN BIGGER than the ones I have now!!
    4) The ducks I have now are two breeds, Campbells and Call Ducks.
    5) I've kept ducks for about 7 years now, and every year I've had at least one successful clutch of eggs.
    6) Campbells can lay as many as 300 eggs per year... pretty much all year around.
    7) I once hatched 13 ducklings from 12 eggs. I guess one had a double yolk!! (TWINS!!)
    I've even had baby ducks hatch in the house in an incubator and live in the bedroom in little brooding tanks when they were little.
    9) One of my ducks had an accident earlier last year which left her nearly paralysed. It looked as though she may die but she lived in our conservatory in a little box for a couple of months and pulled through. She can't walk very well, but she can stand up and we let her excersise in the water-filled sandpit daily!!
    10) I've heard every possible joke about Duck a l'Orange so don't even go there!!




    Can't wait to see the pics! Congratulations! You're a daddy again!

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    You're a daddy again!

    Woah!! Let's be careful about what we say... :lol:

    There are definitely babies there. Just heard them really loudly and the mother came off her nest. Uusally she'd just sit there honking at you if you go near, but I just walked towards her and she pegged it back to the nest, so there's something there to protect!!

    I'm glad of some good news today, congrats ducky and family, x


    Cuteness, Congratulations daddy ducky

    Nice one ducky Hope they are all fine and you get some pictures up here soon.

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    Hehe... not actually seen any yet!! :lol:

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    Yay!! I've seen them!! I got some pictures on my mobile too so I'll see if they're worth uploadng.

    They're surprisingly big for one-day old ducklings!! She's only got 6 though...

    Only six! That's enough for her to cope with... At least you've seen them and they're okay too

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    Well, I think the biggest clutch I've had was 14 ducklings. The smallest was 4.

    Okay... here' they are. Much awaited pictures!!


    AW! Look at the wee faces on them!

    Do ducklings always walk in a line like that btw? How did Noah get them to go into the ark two-by-two then???

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    LOL, they don't always. They try to follow mummy though, and then when she stops they all huddle around here. After a week or two they tend to fizzle out a bit from the mum. They don't use the nest any more and they tend to start wandering off. At the moment I'm a bit worried about staying nearby for too long, because I bred this duck and it's her first time breeding so she's a bit panicky. She's not sure where to go when you walk towards her and she just stumbles about. She keeps standing on them but they don't seem bothered, lol. They just wait until she moves then run off with the rest.

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    More pictures!! As usual, click on them to make them bigger.

    Mum keeps them all warm.

    Baby duckling tests my Viking Direct chair for comfiness!!

    ...and I think he (or she!!) wants one too...

    Nice one Duckmagic, you make a cracking father figure to all ducks and we can see you a very proud 'father' !

    How are the wee ducks going? Any of them turned into swans yet?

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    They are huge already!! They've grown up really quickly...

    On the other hand, the other duck who was sitting on eggs hatched out two ducklings today. These ones are really quite small compared to how the other were. She's still nesting so I'm hoping that those two are just early.

    Pictures will arrive when they come off the nest!

    Another duck, of a different breed, is still sitting. She's already mothered 4 ducks so I'm hoping she'll be okay with it all too.

    Busy times, eh??


    Busy times, eh??

    It was the nest of times, it was the worst of times...

    (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Duckies)

    Sorry! I'm not as good at the puns as Rayman. :P

    It was the nest of times, it was the worst of times... (Charles Dickens, … It was the nest of times, it was the worst of times... (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Duckies)Sorry! I'm not as good at the puns as Rayman.

    I thought that was much better than mine

    Well done ducky another successful duck tale or tails

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Ducklings?

    By Philip K. Duck.

    (Don't know if everyone will get that one: I'm reading a Philip K Dick book at the mo!)

    I've never heard of it but it should be Phullup A Duck after his Sub meal today

    It's an odd title, is it serious or comical?

    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: AKA Blade Runner

    Ah... never knew it was called that Learning something new every day

    Original Poster

    Sad news now follows...

    Unfortunatley, the three ducklings mother duck number two, Bonnie, hatched over the last two days were very small and weak. As a result of this, their survival capabilities aren't as good as the other six ducks born a couple of weeks ago, who were really big and strong.

    Just now, I have discovered that one of the small ducks has drowned, being two weak to climb back out from the water it had gone to paddle in. :cry:

    Another of the ducklings has deformed legs for some reason, and it can't walk very well at all. I'm sure that it'll only be a matter of time before something happens to it. I could bring it in and try to hand-rear it, but if it were to survive it would lead a pretty awful life. I already have a paralyzed adult duck I care for but it's a lot of hard work and she can't really go anywhere. So all I can really do, no matter how tough it is, is leave the duckling in the nest with mum and hope for a miraculous recovery.

    Sorry for such a negative post. If it makes the situation seem any better, the other ducks are growing really quickly. This means that I will have to sell them soon because I don't have much room, but at least they're all okay!!

    SOme time soon I'll post a picture of the duck on the computer chair now compared to the pic above when it was much smaller... this time it kept jumping off the chair, lol.

    Aw Ducky.

    Survival of the fittest, it's how the world works, as sad as it may be sometimes.

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    Yeah. I'm quite used to it now. With animals with large litters/whatever their collective is, like rabbits/ducks, 90% seems like a good success rate.

    Sorry to hear that ducky...

    I'll try and get photo tomorrow, but today I was facinated by a wild bird following me around and picking out grubs and ants n stuff.
    I was digging out a patio and it just came down and sat with me, I could have touched it, it would wait about 6" from my hand.
    It was just cool cos it was wild, but not scared.
    It ate well today, didnt fly off, had to hop under the hedge

    Bad news bout the duckies, sounds like you still have lots to keep you busy though.

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    I'm just holding a really ill little baby duck. He's not eating or drinking... just waving his head about.

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    2 hours ago I posted about that baby duck. I really did think it was going to die in my hands, but I've been holding it since that post, he's had a swim in the sink (and had a drink) and he's even tried to have a bit to eat. We all made a fuss over him and he's trying to move about a bit, even though I can't see him ever walking properly.

    The little fella was getting tired after being fussed over a lot so, going against everything I said last night, he's in the house in a plastic fish-tank things... sleeping.

    I'll keep you up-to-date. He seems to have got a little bit better than this morning when he couldn't even lift his head. The mother's last chick is doing fine.

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    [SIZE=2]14:45 We check-up on the baby duck we brought in on Friday and nursed to back to health and were shocked to find that it was there very weak, despite having escaped near-death and having ate and drank on its own. It had even been swimming.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]15:02 I cried like a girl as I realised that the little fella had just died in my hands. :cry: [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Oh well, that's how these things work I guess... [/SIZE]

    Sorry to hear the bad news again ducky.

    We used to keep cockatiels and one night were watching Psycho remake on the telly. It got to a creepy bit in the film where the music was increasing the atmosphere [it wasn't loud, as it was late at night and the kids were asleep]. Suddenly we heard a thud in the adjoining room. I walked in there to see what it was and found our beautiful, friendly little yellow pet laid flat out on the bottom of his cage. I picked him up and he was still breathing, but as I held him, he eventually stopped breathing too. He was used to noise and I often have my own music on, so it wasn't the film that made him drop off his perch. It was such a dramatic coincidence and as sad is it was, the incident does now make me smile. But I know just how you feel at the time, there's nothing you can do, except you are showing how much you care and have lots of successes with all the others that you're caring for! You've done your best.

    that has to be one of the sadest things i've ever read

    so sorry bud
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