Ducky spotted in catalogue pose

    Couldn't think of a wittier title

    pic below


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    I don't get it ! :?

    :giggle: Naughty Step.

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    :giggle: Naughty Step.

    :oops: what?


    You know! :roll:

    I dont

    gently down the stream ...
    GPS duckys


    luck duck?

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    Those are imposters kippy

    lol i guess ... :whistling:

    that ducks stricking a pose alright. :giggle:

    Kippy, whats going on with all those plastic uns?? looks like an event of sorts..

    missroo, think it's some village family event in SC (south carolina i think) ... a place called Greenville, on 5th May 08 called "The rubber duck derby"
    I did a random google.

    oh rite, how random.
    thanx for the reply kippy

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    they have a similar thing at alnwick gardens.

    the ducks go over a waterfall and i believe the first one that does is the winner, each duck has a number on its under side which relates to a purchaser. They are run for charity events.

    but the posing duck reminded me of Duckmagic
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