Due a free upgrade with Orange, going to phone them in a bit.

    Can someone direct me to the best deal out there at the moment for an excellent handset and equally good tarriff.

    I'm paying like £15 a month for unlimited Texts and 100 mins (dont really use the minutes anyway)

    Got a Samsung U900 Soul which I still think is a great phone but maybe its time for a change.

    Wanna get the price down from £15 and see if i can squeeze a good phone out of them, if not then it will have to be the 'threaten to leave' jargon.

    Any ideas of what to ask for?


    for that sort of money you should get at least a tocco with more minutes and texts as well.
    i pay £18 on virgin for a tocco and 250 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited internet

    remember that the iphone is on orange very shortly as well but you'd pay much more than what you're currently on

    The HTC Hero is on orange aswell.
    Current UK top of the line Android model, very good!
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