due for upgrade today... on o2 but what is 3 network like? any good deals out there?

Found 7th Jun 2010
I am on o2 at minute, to be quite honest, the deals are not to good. best deal i have seen in on 3 for the vivaz.
I like the HTC desire
the vivaz
and xperia x10
I use less than 200 mins a month about 200 texts, and would like unlimited internet
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i know the deals aren't as good but i am on o2 and have signal 99% of the time my hubby is on 3 and he only has signal 60% of the time wherever we are in the country to get a 3 strong signal is rare for us
I am on three and have not had any problems at all with signal, also when it comes to renewal, they normally give a good incentive to stay on
3 is tripe for signal.. saying that, i have made so many complaints, that i now have had about 25quid back for the inconvience over a period of a few months. saying that, we have the iphone on o2 as well, as signals arent that good either for the net..
3 are improving their signal all the time, but theyre still nowhere near as good as the other big boys.
i think it depends on where you live.. if you're going to be using it predominantly in a town centre and not in the middle of the country side then you probably wont notice
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